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Down Memory Lane
18 October 2009

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Dead Memories
17 October 2009

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Dying Star
1 September 2009

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A Scene In My Dream ...
22 August 2009

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Hanging Men
20 August 2009

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Silent Plea
14 August 2009

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12 August 2009

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6 August 2009

Recent Comments

Advanced Digital Imaging on Something Out There..
I like the contrast. Good digital imaging works.

Singapore Corporate Photography Services on Down Memory Lane
Good composition

Singapore Corporate Video Services on Dead Memories
Great Composition. Could make for a good video.

Singapore Studio Photography Services on Dead Memories
Like the pictures.

Nocturama on Cable Cars
Great capture!

Singapore Corporate Photographers on Dead Memories
Very very nice! your b&wis really well done!

Jamieson Pryor on Love
This is so incredibly creative and well shot.

Jamieson Pryor on Aircon Alley
Amazing shot, really busy but very clear where the focus is. Is this HDR?

DaveB on Down Memory Lane
Nice framing and use of lead-in lines. A HDR shot?

Bishop on Down Memory Lane
Like a pic from my grandfather's time! :)

ordinaryimages on Dead Memories
Dancing! best...jerry

olivier Paillet on Down Memory Lane
Love the angle of view, the post process ..... GREAT JOB !!!!!!!!!!!

NastaraN on Dead Memories

MARIANA on Dead Memories
Gorgeous BW . Very delicate!

olivier Paillet on Something Out There..
Nice shot and post process amazing !!!! Great JOB !!!!!!!!!!!

Paul on Something Out There..
having a drink at boat quay? good shot !

olivier Paillet on Stealing Art
Great compo !!! Original and creative shot !!! well done !!!

Bishop on Lookin@U
Again, good image... I am enjoying this series of high contrast pics you are posting! :)

Rags on Lookin@U
Great image. I like it.

Bishop on Big Bang
Nice explosion of light! :)

olivier Paillet on Big Bang
YES !!!! A great one !!

Curly on Big Bang
Unusual to see a firework picture in black and white.

k@ on Big Bang
Gorgeous in B&W ! A classic*

olivier Paillet on Love Pt2
I's always a great pleasure to discover your shot... every day !!!! Great job !!!

Rags on Spill Seeds
I like the image. I could easily see it on a wall.

Fabienne on Overlooking The Man-made Stars
A great shot !

Fusao on Buoy
very nice feeling of BW.

MARIANA on Overlooking The Man-made Stars

Bishop on Overlooking The Man-made Stars
Another lovely sharp shot! :)

olivier Paillet on Overlooking The Man-made Stars
Great night shot !!! A very beautiful B & W ...

k@ on Overlooking The Man-made Stars
Superb oily blacks***

Bishop on Decomposition
very beautiful high contrast pic! :)

k@ on Decomposition
Great dark blacks here*

Techster on Walk It Out
Nice pic....

Bishop on Walk It Out
Wonderfully sharp shot! great textures on the flag stones. :)

Curly on Walk It Out
These baseball boots have certainly made a big comeback this year!

nasim on Walk It Out
you can continue with your shoes:) nice

Orely on Walk It Out
nice one, great composition !! have a nice day ^_^

olivier Paillet on Parallel World
Very original angle !! Original and usual !!!

k@ on Parallel World
Joyful view due to that original angle*

k@ on Cable Cars
Incredible and beautiful in your light and angle !

ordinaryimages on Cable Cars
Am I rising to the sky or falling into the abyss? best...jerry

amir on Mr. Happy
verry good

amir on World Divide
very good !nice job !

ordinaryimages on World Divide
Allows for several interpretations. best...jerry

Lee on Tree Barks
Love this!

Lee on World Divide
This image rocks.

Curly on World Divide
Excellent presentation.

Mahmood on World Divide
Very Nice , Creative - I Had Same Photo - Great Idea .

olivier Paillet on World Divide
Very graphic...Very beautiful !! But what's this ??!!

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